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The Guindy Campus offers quiet and comfortable study space, and also provides vide range of services to the faculties, Staffs, Researchers and students such as  

  • Book Lending Service
  • Inter-Library Loan Service
  • Reference Service
  • Referral Service
  • Serials Service
  • Reprographic Service
  • User Awareness Service
  • Photocopying Service
  • computing service
  • Resource Cell for Competitive Examinations
  • MALIBNET Service
  • Associate Member-IIT Madras

General Rules

(a) No person will be admitted in the Library unless the person is properly dressed.
(b) Readers desirous of using the Library shall enter their name and address legibly in a register (Gate-Register) which is kept for the purpose. Such signature shall be taken as an acknowledgement that the person agrees to conform to the rules of the library.
(c) Readers may not write upon, damage or make any mark upon any book, manuscript or map belonging the Library.
(d) No tracing or mechanical reproduction shall be made without express permission form the Librarian.
(e) Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library.
(f) Before leaving the Library readers shall return to the assistant at the counter any book(s), manuscript(s) or map(s) which they had taken for consultation.
(g) Readers shall be responsible for any damage or injury done to the book(s) or any other property belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such book(s) or other property damaged or injured, or pay the value there of; if one book of a set is injured, the whole set shall the replaced.
(h) Cases of incivility or other failure in the service should be reported immediately to the Librarian or in his / her absence to the senior member of the staff present.
(i) Sticks, umbrellas, boxes and other receptacles and such other articles as are prohibited by the counter staff shall be left at the depository counter.
(j) Spitting and smoking are strictly prohibited. Pet animals are not allowed entry into the Library.
(k) Books which are out of print or not easily procurable shall be available only for reference.
(l) Before leaving the counter the member must satisfy himself / herself as to whether the book lent to him / her is in sound condition, and if not, the member must immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Librarian or in his absence to the senior member of the staff present; otherwise, he is liable to be held responsible for the book. If one book of a set is damaged, he whole set must be replaced, the value being immediately remitted to the Library for return after the set is actually replaced.
(m) Members are not allowed to sub-lend the book(s) of the Library to any other person.
(n) Theses, Periodicals, Dictionaries, works which might be difficult to replace and such other works as may from time to time be considered necessary shall not be lent out.
(o) Loans may at any time be terminated by order of the Librarian.
(p) A member against whom any overdue or other charges is outstanding will not be allowed to borrow book(s) or with draw the deposit until the member has paid the amount due.
(q) The Syndicate may refuse, under special circumstances, any application for membership without assigning nay reason thereof.
(r) The Syndicate may grant special loans on such conditions as it may prescribe.
(s) Any infringement t of the rules will render the privilege of admission to and of borrowing book(s) from the Library to forfeiture.

Membership Charges

University Faculty / Research Scholars / Students / Staff are allowed to borrow book(s) on Loan. The Loan period is 28 days for all categories of users. The details of the number of library borrowers’ tickets, fees etc. are given below:










Research Associate




Research Scholars - (Refundable)




M.Phil. - (Refundable)




Post Graduate - (Refundable)




Certificate Course




Affiliated College Reference only - (Non-Refundable)




Institutional Membership Reference only

Rs.2000.00 (Refundable)+ Rs.200.00 per ticket service charges (per year) up to 5 tickets. The tickets should be renewed annually.


Industrial Membership Reference only  

Rs.5000.00 (Refundable)+ Rs.1000.00 per ticket service charges (per year) up to 5 tickets. The tickets should be renewed annually.

Categories 2 to 4 are permitted to borrow book(s) from Main Library, Chepauk (MUL) and Marina Campus Library (MCL). They can use Guindy Campus Library (GCL) and Taramani Campus Library (TCL) for reference only.


Book(s) may be renewed for a further period of 28 days provided the book(s) is/are not under reservation.  Renewal can be executed by production of the book(s) on the issue counter for the locally placed users.  Distantly placed users may renew the book(s) by telephone or reply post-card by mentioning the correct information about the book(s).
            The renewal application should reach the Librarian not later than three days but not more than six clear days before the date on which the book(s) are due. If another reader has applied for the book(s), the library staff shall inform the member to that effect and the member shall return the book(s) on the due date.
            Not more than two consecutive renewals are allowed for the same book(s) without its production on the issue counter for inspection.

Photo copy

Only Library members can avail this service by paying Rs.0.85 per exposure. Members can avail this faclity only for the photo copy of the reference books with proper permission.

Inter Library Loan

To avail this service the member has to fill a form at the Circulation Desk, giving the following details:
            > Name of the Library to which the member would like to barrow the requiring documents etc.

Loss Of Book

If a borrower loses a book the following should be done immediately:
           (a) It should be intimated in writing to the Librarian stating the reasons for the loss.
           (b) A new copy or a latest edition of the lost book(s) may be replaced by the said borrower.
           (c) The above two steps should be taken by the said borrower within 3 months time.

Note: During the loss period his / her due will be arrested form the date of his / her written complaint / intimation. If he / she is not able to return the books(s) he / she has to pay the prevailing cost of the book(s) plus 25% of the cost as library service charge with the overdue charges if any.

Refund Claim

           (a) One week notice shall be given before a deposit is withdrawn. No deposit will be repaid until all the book(s) outstanding against the member and all his member’s tickets have been duly returned. In case a ticket is lost, the procedure laid down in Rule 2.7 shall be followed.
           (b)If within three years of the death of a member, no claim is made by his heir(s) for refund of the deposit amount, the deposit of such members may lapse to the University.


Guindy Campus Library is one of the Associate Member of MALIBNET Society, Chennai. From this network the following services are extended to the members of Guindy Campus Library.
           (a) Database Directory of Current serials in Madras compiled every year by MALIBNET provides access to current serials information of 50 libraries to all the participation libraries.
           (b)Membership cards issued by MALIBNET enable our researchers to access library resources of all member institutions. 168 research scholars made use of (MALIBNET service) and 120 members of the other institutions utilized the service of Guindy Campus Library.

Over Due Charges

If a book is not returned when due, an overdue charge will be collected as under

For 28 days from the due date 

50 paise per day/volume

29th day onwards

1 Rupee per day/volume

It will hold good for all other user categories except University Faculty and Staff. They are exempted from overdue charges for the total period of 56 days from the due date. After that overdue charges will be levied for them as per general overdue charge collection procedure.

Loss Of Library Borrower Ticket

1. A member who has lost a ticket shall make a written report of the same to the  Librarian.
2. Three months time shall elapse after the date of such notice before a duplicate can be issued.  During this period,  the member shall attempt to trace and recover the      ticket, if possible, and send a second report at the end of the period, stating the result of his/her endeavour's.
3. It the ticket has not been traced, the member shall give a Indemnity Bond in the prescribed form and pay a fee of Rs.5/- for each duplicate ticket required.
4. After the receipt of the Indemnity Bond and the Fee, the duplicate ticket  will be issued.
5. If a member, who has lost one or more of his tickets, applies for withdrawal of deposit amount no action will be taken on such application till the expiry of six months      after the report of loss of tickets. If the ticket is not recovered by the member before the end of the period, the member shall give an Indemnity Bond in the prescribed      form in respect of the lost ticket(s). After the receipt of the Indemnity Bond, the application for withdrawal shall be dealt with in the usual way.

No Due Certificate

Production of 'No Due Certificate' from the University Librarian to the effect that nothing is outstanding against the user shall be considered obligatory by the concerned authorities before accepting / acting on any of the occasions mentioned under.

User Category




The Registrar

Resignation/ Retirement

Ph.D./M.Phil./ Research Scholars 


Thesis Submission /Discontinuation of Research



Issue of Hall-ticket /Certificates