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E-Books and Journals 2014

Elements of Photonics, Volume I In Free Space and Special Media Elements of Photonics, Volume II For Fiber and Integrated Optics Biomacromolecules
Fullerenes: Chemistry and Reactions Immunology for Life Scientists Integrated Photonics
Medicinal Natural Products Modern Fluoroorganic Chemistry: Synthesis, Reactivity, Applications Nanobiotechnology
Nanofabrication Towards Biomedical Applications Nanophotonics Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry
Proteomics Today: Protein Assessment and Biomarkers Using Mass Spectrometry, 2D Electrophoresis,and Microarray Technology Signal Transduction and Human Disease Spectroscopy for the Biological Sciences
Superconductivity Synthetic Applications of 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Chemistry Toward Heterocycles and Natural Products The Chemistry of Nanomaterials
Transduction Channels in Sensory Cells    
  E-BOOKS 2016  
Analytical Chemistry of the Actinide Elements Nuclear Techniques in Analytical Chemistry Atomic-Absorption Spectrophotometry
Photoelectron Spectroscopy Analytical Chemistry The Analysis of Gases by Chromatography
Electrochemical Methods in Soil and Water Research Introductory Raman Spectroscopy High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
Zeta Potential in Colloid Science Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Analytical Gas Chromatography
IR and Raman Spectroscopy Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry Physical Methods in Modern Chemical Analysis
Analytical Chemistry Fundamentals of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Analytical Chemistry-3 Analytical Chemistry-4 Analytical Chemistry
Chromatography fundamentals and applications of chromatographic and electrophoretic methods Part A: fundamentals and techniques Chromatography Fundamentals and Applications of Chromatographic and Electmphoretic Methods Part B: Applications X-Ray Diffraction Studies on the Deformation and Fracture of Solids
Zirconia EDTA Titrations Electrochemistry
Mossbauer Spectroscopy Ion Exchange in Analytical Chemistry Coulometry in Analytical Chemistry
  E-JOURNALS 2014  
Aquatic Ecosystems Health & Management Journal of Micropaleontology Current Protein & Peptide Science
Current Enzyme Inhibition Catalysis Science & Technology Frontiers of Materials Science
International Journal of Nanoscience Nano  
  E-JOURNALS 2016  
American Journal of Botany American Journal Of Physics Journal of Palaeontology
Journal of Palaeontology-2 Catalysis Science & Technology Journal of Sedimentary Research
Micropaleontology and Stratigraphy Journal of Micropalaeontology Polymer Review
  E-RESOURCES 2017  
Geo Ref ( Can be accessed till Dec-2017) Geobase( Can be accessed till June-2017) Journal of Cell Science
JOVE Biology JOVE Chemistry AAA Science
Analytic Methods in Physics Analytical Electrochemistry Applied Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Physics
Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation Biomedical Applications of Proteomics Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis